Display Server concept

The server holds the data from the log files of the Relationship-Project and gives it to the web. The graphical outfit comes from the clients.


Display Server

Install the server

The server must run on the machine with a webserver. So the applets are able to call back the this machine. A JVM must run.

Start the server by

     java dispServ

The port for the request is now 4444. Every 2 seconds the ASCII file 'x.dat' (default) is parsed for data.


call: java dispServ [-p xxxx] [-d sec] [-f filename] [-d]

port      change the default 4444 to xxxx
time      in sec to control for new data
file      name of the data input file
debug     show user

for help.

data for the server

The dates for the displays are hold in a file named 'x.dat' or so. They are parse every 2 second if the file date has changed. They looks like:

display type   semicolon   data


Change the dates while the server is running.

Display Client

Client einrichten

The client is running as an applet in your browser and needs some parameters:

parameter - value

width/height - the applet size belongs to the image size of the letters you use

before - you like a bitmap before your numbers?

after - may be one behind you numbers?

dir - the directory for the images

numbers - how many numbers are before the dot.

dec - numbers behind the dot.

bgcolor - the background color

port - the default port is 4444. here you define an other one

delay - how many seconds between the requests you want to wait

typ - what type of display is this

original - the incomming data is not parsed (default value="on"). This meens all characters has to be in the image directory. Until now you will find:

0 - 9   numbers
10      dot
11      minus
12      :
13      °
14      '
15      N
16      S
17      E
18      W

An example:

<applet code="display.class" width=106 height=20>
<param name= "numbers" value=5>
<param name= "dec" value=1>
<param name= "port" value=4444>
<param name= "delay" value=20>
<param name= "bgcolor" value="black">
<param name= "dir" value="led">
<param name= "typ" value="log">

Client refresh

The default refresh time for the server is 2 seconds and 10 seconds for the clients. To get a nice performance please play with this values. Not every values needs an update in this time.

Client analog

There also is an analog client.
More parameter:

parameter - value

image - the background image

handlength - the length of the hand

handcolor - the color of the hand

nullpunkt - the start point (in angle)

endpunkt - how long goes the hand (in angle)

min/max - values are between this

An example:

<applet code="analog.class" width=170 height=150> 
<param name= "image" value="images/Wind.gif">
<param name= "handlength" value=50>
<param name= "handcolor" value="white">
<param name= "delay" value=20>
<param name= "typ" value="winddir">
<param name= "nullpunkt" value=0>
<param name= "endpunkt" value=360>
<param name= "min" value=-180>
<param name= "max" value=180>

The colors are:


A. Fischer,

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