Morse Trainer


1. Installation

Move this three files to your pilot: If there is an older version of this program please kill it on your pilot first.

2. Getting started

When you have started the program it looks like this (without time stamp):

at work

Please choice the mode you want to learn with: Press (go) to start the output.

You can choose another mode from the menu or select a text or lesson.

3. Initialisation

Here you define how to learn. The picture shows you how to do:

init form

It is heavy to define the speed because it may vary depending on the type of characters. So if you want to know about your speed do the following (e.g. 60 characters per minute):

To show the time stamp you have to activate 'show time'. Blanks are not counted.

Set up your sound in hz.

How many times do you want to get groups of 5? This also works for Q-qroups and abbreviations.

When you work in random mode which set of character do you want? Use characters or numbers or signs or all together or define your own set.

4. Learning

There are several modes to learn the morse code. Select random or your own text from memopad. Use one of the lesson databases 'eish0' or 'elv0'. Both start with some characters to learn and add the already learnt later. If you have your own idea of database please send a mail. I will return a new data source to you.

A. Fischer, afischer (at)
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