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pSatellite (pS) is a satellite tracking application for the Palm OS® environment. It provides visualization of satellite orbit position on a world map (Mercator projection) from any ground location you enter within pS. The core vector propagator within pS uses standard Two Line Elements (TLE's) available on the Internet and works for both low earth orbiting (LEO's) and geo-synchronous (GEO's) satellites.


Install these three files on your Palm OS® handheld for pS to operate properly:

If you already have an older version of pS installed on your handheld just export your locations and delete the older version first.

Basic Program Operation

Tap on the application to launch it. The program always starts up with the satellite tracking indicator On and the tracking step interval set per your preference (1 minute default). pS will always remember which satellite and tracking location you last selected, whenever it is launched again, to quickly return to your previous/last selection. Other operating features are discussed in detail below, and there are built in Help and Tips (I) within the various program windows.

Main Window Features

When you first launch the program you will see the Main display window.

start view

The top half of the Main display has the world map and will show indicators (bitmaps) for the satellite and the (observers) tracking location.

The lower half of the Main display shows the pS computed values and allows various operator selections to me made.

NOTE: The demo version of pS is crippled in respect to allowing the use of the Date and Time selection feature. The demo pS runs on the current handheld time reference only. You may load other TLE sets into the demo version of pS for evaluating its usefulness/accuracy and all other features of the program. However, selecting other Dates and Time will not be possible (the full registered pS version enables the Date/Time selection feature).

Menu Selections

There are four menus within pS.

Options Menu Selections

Track Menu Selections

View Menu Selections

The View menu allows selection of various tracking data information to be displayed on the bottom portion of the screen (second line). The label on the display will identify what is currently selected. This label may also be tapped to rotate through the available data values.

Info Menu

Obtaining TLE Data

As for any State Vector Propagator, to obtain good satellite prediction information, you will need to obtain current TLEs (Epoch time-wise). The pS input format used must be the standard TLE format. You must install the TLE files (sets) into your handheld for pS to use (Options Menu -Load DB). There are several ways to do this (other than mentioned above in Make Sat DB), but will take some extra work to set yourself up to obtain the latest TLE data via the Internet.


Revision History

Known Bugs


Riley J. Elwood at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for his beta testing for tracking accuracy, features suggestions, and helping with the documentation.

A. Fischer, afischer (at)

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