TimeTable mobil


The handling for this program is very easy. Just load and go. But there are two unvisible features:

Description of the data format

There is a table with five columns, which has to be filled. All values are seperated by ';'. Exsample:
00:05;Z;RE;Braunschweig Hauptbahnhof(DB);127
The first four colums are visible, the 5. carries the day of the week. This is the format for the dow:
   sa fr th we tu mo so
   1  1  1  1  1  1  1
   64 32 16 8  4  2  1
If you don't need this number just set it to '0' (=all days).

Make your own tables

To make own tables it is useful to change the space of the columns (default is 24,8,22,92 pixel 146 width). Sample (title="NBA atlantic march 2000"):
New York;40;25;.615
New Jersey;28;37;.431
Try to translate this with the perl script (perl makepdb.pl my.txt "my title") or use the online generator. Type in a title and copy the sample text to the multiline field. The table still needs a better format. Try this in the first line:
If the values are not exact 146 pixel so the last colums is corrected.

You get a table description when you append an other ';' and some text to this line. Also a ';' behind the day of the week number gives you the possibility to design a description of a single data line. All now following ';' are changed to line feeds. Try this (title="Metro march 2000"):

#14;24;0;110;for more info call 123 4567
1.;07:30;;Madama Butterfly;0;Julius Rudel
2.;08:00;;La Traviata;0;Roberto Abbado
3.;08:00;;La Cenerentola;0;Bruno Campanella
4.;01:30;;The Merry Widow;0;Andrew Davis
4.;08:00;;Madama Butterfly;0;Julius Rudel

A. Fischer, afischer (at) dbServ.de
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