APRS Config software for TinyTrak

Documentation Version pTTConfig 1.5


pTTConfig is a small application for the Palm OS® to handle the parameter of the TinyTrak radio controller. This module is designed by Byon Garrabrant, N6BG. You will find the manual for this module at http://www.byonics.com/tinytrak/index.html. Please read this first to make clear what we are doing here.

This program works with TinyTrak versions I, II and III (include the version 1.6 - modification by dk7in) and WXTrak. It should run with Palm OS® version 2 or better.


These windows a available:

The NMEA strings $GPGGA and $GPRMC are used for sending the position. So the altitude is already send but TinyTrak I ignores this.

In WXTrak mode the WX200 or the Peet weather station are simulated.


There are some ways to use it with TinyTrak:


Version 1.5 -Issued in Feb, 2004.

Version 1.4 -Issued in May, 2003.

Version 1.3 -Issued in Feb, 2003.

Version 1.2 -Issued in Jan, 2003.

Version 1.1 -Issued in Nov,2002.

Version 1.0

download pTinyTrak

my pda position at FindU
or wap position - wap.findu.com/find?dl3obp

APRS® is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.

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