AFTrack plugin for SailTimer™ Sailing Chart download

This is a plugin collection for the app AFTrack to download the SailTimer™ Charts direct into your device

It provides this areas

Map ListTo start with press the map button and select the offline map list.

Map DownloadOn top of the offline map list you will find the download button to give you a list with download options. Just select 'SailTimer™ Chart Loader'. And you open your organizer for your maritime charts.

Chart Loader

Play Store This button brings you to the Play Store to get a chart installed.

Map DownloadWhen a map is installed you can start download here.

When you select the download button you are e.g. here and ready to define the charts you like to download. Use the red area marker to fit your needs and again press the download button to start download.

Download area show more

Please keep in mind, the download will take a while. So select only a short group of map for download. You could add or reload more at any time.

Once the download is finished and you exit the download a map like this should be shown.

Download maps

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